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At this moment we are working on a new website but we are open for business.

Looking for a job?

Please contact Agata Wazna
or Kasia Kurszewska quickly.

Searching for a talent?

Paul Schoemaker is ready to talk to you.

Other questions

Please contact us via info@hoekwerk.com or come by, we are located in the center of The Hague.

Agata Wazna

Telefoon: 06 – 266 759 52
E-mail: agata@hoekwerk.com

Kasia Kurszewska

Telefoon: 06 – 192 291 43
E-mail: kasia@hoekwerk.com

Eric-Jan van der Hoek

Telefoon: 06 – 535 452 00
E-mail: eric@hoekwerk.com

Kantoor Den Haag

Boekhorststraat 173-175
2512 CP Den Haag
tel.: 070 – 360 07 99
fax: 070 – 427 99 08
E-mail: info@hoekwerk.com